1.1. Portal

The portal is the root of all content objects. Furthermore it defines some global adjustments.

In the following sections every single tab and data field is described in detail.

1.1.1. Data

The data tab holds some global information about the site.


The title of the site. The title is displayed within the meta title tab of the site.


This title is displayed on an exposed place within search engine result pages (SERP).

The page which is displayed if one browses to the root of the portal.
From e-mail address
This e-mail address is used as sender of outgoing mails.
Notification email addresses
These e-mail address get all notification mails. For instance all messages which are sent via the contact form to the portal.
Allow comments
Turns comments on/off generally.

1.1.2. Images

The images tab handles the global images of the site.

Add Images
Click the Select Images-button and select the images you want to upload.
Update Images
Change the data you want and click the Update-button.
Delete Images
Select the checkboxes beside the images you want to delete and click the Delete-button. Usage of images within content

You can use this images within every text field which provides an WYSIWYG editor, e.g. the text portlet or the text field of a page. To do that just follow these steps:

  1. Within the WYSIWYG editor click on the image button.
  2. Beside the Image URL field click on the Browse button and select an image in the size you need it. Fill in Image Description and Title and click the “Insert”-button.

1.1.3. Children

The children tab displays the direct children of the portal as a list. Here you can bulk edit (change position, active state, etc.) or delete objects.

1.1.4. Portlets

The portlets tab manages the root portlets to the site. By default portlets are inherited from child objects.

Portlets a pieces of content which are displayed in Slots left and right of your page.

Here you will find all assinged portlets per slot for this page. By default there is a left and a right slot.
Add a portlet
To add a portlet, select the kind of portlet and click the Add Portlet-button Fill in position, slot, title and the specific portlet data and click the Save Portlet-button.
Edit a portlet
In order to edit a portlet, click on the Edit-button of the portlet in question, change the data within the specific portlet form and click the Save Portlet-button.
Delete a portlet
Click on the Delete-button of the portlet and answer the question with yes.